Visiting Students Information


Visiting Students (Apply now, it’s free!)


Students from other colleges registering for the Summer 2018 may apply and register as a Visiting Student.

Most summer classes begin Monday, May 21, for 2018.

The process is simple: no need to take the Basic Skills placement test or meet with an academic advisor to register.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Complete the Visiting Student Application Form (even if you were a Visiting Student in the past)

  • It may take up to 3 to 5 business days to have your user name and ID emailed back to you – (if you were a Student in the past, your user name and ID are the same)
  • You will need this information to register online and make payment arrangements (due at time of registration)

PLEASE use your home institutions email address that was assigned to you at your home institution.

Step 2. Search online for classes by clicking here/accessing the Course Offerings Portal

  • Course schedules will be available by March 19, 2018
  • For the course descriptions of the courses at Bergen Community College click here

Step 3. Bergen Community College requires that you present a Permission Letter from your home institution permitting you to take course(s). 

  • In place of a Permission Letter (preferred) you also have the option of providing a college transcript (official or unofficial) that illustrates that you have met requisites for the desired course(s).
  • Using your phone, take a picture of your Permission Letter / Transcript and send it along with your application.

Step 4. Send documents referred to in Step 3 as an attachment to [email protected]

Step 5: Make Payment – Payment is required at time of registration. Detailed information about tuition and fees payment is accessible at

Important points:

  • For answers to question please email [email protected]
  • Complete all the steps addressed above by May 18.
  • In relation to Step 3; Bergen may drop your courses if you do not present a “Permission Letter” or transcript showing you have met requisites to take course.
  • Not making a payment will result in having your classes dropped.
  • Visiting students have a non-matriculated status which may in some cases limit online registration access.
  • Waitlist: Visiting student may place themselves on the Waitlist must follow waitlist policies and procedures: Click here
  • Transcripts: To have your Bergen transcript sent to your home institution, please see:
  • Accommodations: The Office of Specialized Services (OSS Office, Room L-115) serves students with documented disabilities. For accommodations, you must contact this office and provide documentation. Visit the OSS website ( ) or call (201) 612-5269 or E-mail [email protected]
  • Financial Aid/Consortium Guidelines: If you are receiving Financial Aid awards (grant, loans…) from your home institution (College/University), it is highly recommended you review the Consortium Agreement Guidelines information detailed under Financial Aid Web site .