Competition Team

The Rutgers NJC4 State Business Competition: New Jersey’s Ultimate Battle of Strategic Business Planning

Every year, each community college in the state is invited to Rutgers University Business School in Newark, New Jersey to do battle in business strategy during the Spring Semester. This advanced competition pushes students to a much higher level of expectation and overall execution. The competition is comprised of a case study that is given to the respective colleges approximately 40 days in advance. All of the colleges are given the case at the exact same time so that no advantage can be had over the other. In that time period, students are engaged in a demanding sequence of events. These events span very intensive research, structured plan development and advanced financial analysis. The students must come up with viable and profitable solutions to the case at hand. From here, the preparation increases as team members practice their speaking parts until they are polished for competition day. The Bergen Community College Business Competition team has been two time defending champions the last two years and stands as the number one team in the state. Will you be the next student to help defend the title?

The preparation process is very intensive and is only for students who excel in their classes and have a powerful overall cumulative GPA. All students must have a strong drive for success. Each prospective member is interviewed twice before being put on the team during the Fall Semester. There are several meetings during each week of the competition with a strict attendance policy. Continuous progress must be shown by each student as the competition date comes closer.

The mentor and contact for the competition team is Professor Albert J. Cupo.