Professional Studies Associate of Science degree (A.S.)- Information Technology Option

The information technology option is designed for students who wish to transfer to a four-year college or university for continued study in Information Technology or any business-computing program. In addition to general studies, students are required to take six degree-specific technical courses which include introductory courses in information technology and networking, two semesters of programming, systems analysis, and a technical elective. Choice of elective and programming language should be determined by requirements at the college to which the student will transfer.

Applied Associate of Science degree (A.A.S.)- Database Programming and Administration Program

The database programming and administration program emphasizes computer programming skills and database management. Three semesters of programming language courses, three semesters of database courses, and systems analysis courses help prepare the student to actively participate in real-world software development projects.

Applied Associate of Science degree (A.A.S.)- Networking Administration Program

The networking administration program emphasizes planning, designing, managing, and maintaining computer networks. Operating systems studied include Windows and UNIX/Linux. Current topics in networking are presented. This program assists with preparation towards several professional IT certifications.

Applied Associate of Science degree (A.A.S.)- Web Development and Management Program

The web development and management program emphasizes web skills. Students delve into all facets of web page preparation. Current topics include web page design and development, client and server side scripting, programming, multimedia, and database and networking concepts.

Applied Associate of Science degree (A.A.S.)- Game Programming Program

The game programming program focuses on designing games, writing the program code, and testing that the game works as expected. Emphasis is on computer programming in C++ and algorithms.

Computer Technical Support Certificate

This certificate program emphasizes troubleshooting and diagnostic skills for both hardware and software issues encountered at a Help Desk. Preparation includes computer support, upgrade and repair functions. This program assists with preparation toward the CompTIA A+ Certification.

Database Programming and Administration Certificate

This certificate program prepares a student to design, develop, deploy and administer current industry-standard databases, both as an end-user and as a database administrator. The program assists with preparation for Oracle certification exams.

Network Security Certificate of Achievement

The five courses in this Certificate of Achievement provide in-depth instruction in securing a network. Prior coursework in networking or professional experience required prior to matriculation.

Office Technology Certificate

This certificate prepares a student to effectively use software in a modern office environment. Word processing, spreadsheet applications, database skills, presentation ability, use of the Internet, electronic scheduling and communications, and web design and publishing are investigated. This program will assist with preparation towards the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams.