As a means to meet the needs of our growing student population, Deaf Services is seeking both certified and qualified part-time interpreters and c-print captionists to work in the higher education setting with competitive pay rates. If you are interested in joining our team act now! Please send or email a letter of interest and your resume to:
Bergen Community College
C/O Office of Specialized Services
400 Paramus Road Paramus, NJ 07652

Outline of Qualifications
In an effort to provide the highest quality services, the following qualifications are standard for employment as a part-time interpreter in Deaf Services: (Minimum of three must be met)

  • Associates Degree
  • Interpreter Training Program graduate
  • Two years professional interpreting experience in various venues
  • DDHH state screenings (out of state screening will be considered)
  • RID certification

The following are accepted documentation of qualifications that must be presented at the time of initial interview:

  • DDHH Screening Letter or other accepted state evaluation statement.
  • Copy of diploma from an accredited college.
  • RID Certificate/Letter

The following are NOT accepted credentials:

  • NAD Certification OR EIPA Assessments

Interpreters who are not certified are expected to obtain professional credentials i.e. RID National Interpreter Certification (NIC) within a reasonable time frame.

Advantages of Working at Bergen Community College
Deaf Services provides services for a wide range of students with various communication preferences, a pool of 25-30 interpreters, certified and/or qualified, and c-print service providers. Interpreters are hired as part-time employees, working a maximum of 19 hours per week and are subject to a contractual agreement with the Office of Specialized Services. Working as a service provider at Bergen is a unique and beneficial experience. Advantages to working for Bergen include:

  • Blocked scheduled work hours
  • Guaranteed work for a full semester of classes
  • A wide range of work topics and consumers
  • Flexible and approachable work staff
  • Networking opportunities