Interpreter Agreement forms must be signed and returned to the Resource Accommodation Specialist each semester.

Interpreters are paid according to skill level based on evaluations and testing of such organizations as The Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and The National Registry of Interpreters of the Deaf.

The following are the current pay rates for interpreters:

  • State screened by DDHH or completed written portion of RID certification test: $65.00 per hour.
  • RID certified: $75.00 per hour.

Pay schedule

  • Payroll sheets are due in the Deaf Services office on the Thursday BEFORE the15th and 30th of each month. If you are scheduled for one assignment only, record on Payroll Form the two hour slotted time. This will meet the two hour minimum. Actual time will be recorded on sign-in sheet. If you are scheduled for more than one class then you will record actual time worked on both the Payroll Form and the sign-in sheet. Retain the Goldenrod form for your records
  • Payment for hours worked on the 31st and 1st through 15th of each month will be included in a paycheck dated the 30th of the month. Payment for hours worked on the 16th through the 30th of each month will be included in a paycheck dated the 15th of the following month.
  • Cancellations made by Deaf Services with at least FORTY EIGHT (48) hours advance notice to you will not be counted as “hours worked” and you will not receive payment.

Payment Contingencies

  • When BCC is closed due to snow or other emergency, the interpreter WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED. The BCC Emergency Notification System information is accessible under
  • Interpreters will be notified via email as soon as possible regarding emergency closing.
  • Announcements will also be made on WOR 710,(AM), WCBS 88 (AM) Cable vision, and on the college website.
  • College calendars will be posted on the website each semester. It is the interpreter’s responsibility to be aware of holidays and school closing when classes will not be in session.

Professional Development

The Office of Specialized Services/Deaf Services strongly believes and supports the value of continuing education and ongoing development of skills. ALL interpreters are expected to participate in professional development activities. In conjunction with RID’s professional development tenet which states:

“Interpreters are to engage in professional development.”

Deaf Services encourages and expects attendance to at least TWO skill development workshops per semester. Please check interpreter bulletin for a listing of workshops offered in this area.