Documentation is necessary to establish both the presence of a disability and the need for accommodation.

Before documentation is reviewed, students MUST complete the online OSS Intake Form.

In order to accurately determine and provide the most appropriate accommodations and auxiliary services, the following documentation guidelines are recommended:

  • All documentation should be submitted electronically to using the BCC student email address (that ends in ““).
    Any documentation submitted by mail when the college is closed will be reviewed when the college reopens.
  • Documentation submitted must be current and include a description of any diagnostic tests or criteria used and the results of any standardized testing, explanations of functional limitations of the disability on learning or other major life activities and the degree to which it impacts the student.
    Recommendations for reasonable accommodations and services should be logically related to the student’s functional limitations and their specific condition.
  • OSS does not accept handwritten documentation; all information submitted must be typed and should include the credentials of the diagnosing professional/physician.
  • Recommendations by outside providers/agencies will be considered and may be adopted when they are consistent with the institution providing equal access to courses, programs, facilities and services and when they are considered to be reasonable in nature.
    The essential requirements of a program or course are taken into consideration when determining reasonable accommodations.
  • OSS may substitute another reasonable accommodation, if it is considered to be as effective and parallel to the one recommended while ensuring that the determination is a deliberative and collaborative process.
  • Documentation of a specific disability does not translate directly into a specific accommodation or set of accommodations, instead reasonable accommodations are determined on a case-by-case and course-by-course basis and based upon a deliberative and collaborative process that is responsive to the unique experience of an individual and the unique course and/or program the student is enrolled.
  • If after careful review, OSS has the right to request additional documentation when the need for reasonable accommodations are not supported or deny a requested accommodation when deemed unreasonable.

An Individual Educational Program (IEP) or 504 Plan may be useful but by itself will not be accepted to establish the need for accommodations.

All documentation received by OSS is reviewed in date order of receipt.

In order to ensure timely access to all eligible accommodations OSS highly encourages students submit documentation well in advance of suggested semester deadline dates.

Requests for specific accommodations will be reviewed on an individual case by case basis.