Making Changes to Your Loans

Reducing or Increasing Your Loan Amounts

To increase your loan, you can request to change your loan on Web Advisor (one-time).

STEP 1: Access your BCC Portal Account

STEP 2: Click on Web Advisor for Students

STEP 3: Choose Financial Aid for Students

STEP 4: Choose Change My Requested Loan Amount

STEP 5: Choose the 2016-2017 award year.

STEP 6: Under New Amount put the amount you are requesting.

STEP 7: Click on Submit

STEP 8: Review that the information is correct. Click OK.

If you are not awarded an estimated loan on Web Advisor, you must submit a Financial Aid Loan Application:

STEP 1: Please follow the first 3 steps above.

STEP 2: Chose Financial Aid Loan Application

STEP 3: Select loan application year.

STEP 4: Select loan application amount.

STEP 5: If you have completed the Entrance Counseling, check the box. If you have not, go to and complete it as soon as possible.

STEP 6: Follow the instructions through the remaining webpages.