English Language Resource Center

ELRCRoom: C-212


Monday – Thursday:
9:30 am – 6:30 pm;
Friday: 9:30 am – 3:00 pm.

If you are a student at Bergen Community College and English is not your native language, you can come here for help with grammar, reading, writing, and speech.
We are open when classes are in session, and our services are free.
For information about ESL/ALP classes, see the ESL/American Language Program Department.


  • Links: We have listed many helpful sites for you.
  • Software: We have all levels of reading, writing, grammar, and speech programs.
  • Tutoring: You can make an appointment or drop-in for individual help.
  • Conversation Groups: You can join with a tutor and other students to practice speaking.
  • Workshops: Teachers offer workshops on grammar, pronunciation, and other topics.
  • Books: You can borrow book with answer keys for self-study or with audio CD’s for listening.
  • Teachers’ Page: Lesson plan links, favorite sites, sites with scores, writing help

Faculty & Staff

  • Leah Carmona: Faculty Liaison
  • Marilyn Pongracz: ELRC Supervisor
  • Dale Egan: ELRC Assistant Supervisor


For admissions information about the English as a Second Language/American Language Program at Bergen Community College, please call (201) 447-7196 or Email Admissions Office OR Email the ELRC or call (201) 612-5292