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Business Technologies AAS – Hotel/Restaurant/Hospitality – Hospitality Management Program

The goal of the Hospitality Management program is to develop 21st century culinary and hospitality professionals through high quality practical, theoretical, and analytical course work. The program emphasizes culinary arts, catering, and hospitality and lodging. Students pursue their studies through active learning and mentoring opportunities with a focus on leadership, critical thinking, personal growth as well as interaction with industry professionals both in class and in their chosen field. Through the externships, the program prepares students to become leaders with the ability to shape the future of the hospitality and culinary industry. The program offers concentrations in the following areas: Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, Catering and Event Planning, and Hospitality/Lodging.

Hospitality Management and Event Planning Certificate

The Hospitality Management and Event Planning Certificate Program provides students with a comprehensive foundation for a career in event planning, catering, foodservice and hospitality through high quality practical coursework. This program reflects the changes that the hospitality industry has undergone and prepares students for employment in hospitality careers (hotels, restaurants, beverage, catering, event planning, travel, and lodging).

Floral Design Certificate

Students taking the Floral Design Certificate are exposed to the materials and creative processes of the florist and interior landscaping industries. The role that both the physical and environmental setting has on the elements of design (color, texture and form) and aesthetic considerations are dealt with in laboratory and lecture projects.