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Assessment of Student Learning

The College’s academic departments have been assessing student learning outcomes systematically and continuously since 2005.  As a result of these assessments numerous curricular and pedagogical changes have been implemented.  Assessment occurs at the program, course and departmental levels.

There are 33 academic departments in the College.  Each department participates in the assessment of student learning outcomes.  To better manage the process, the departments are on asynchronous two-year cycles.  The departments offering career programs (AAS degrees) are on odd year cycles.  The most recent began in 2013 and ended in 2015.  The departments offering transfer (AA, AFA or AS) degrees, along with the Developmental Math, American Language Program and English Basic Skills departments, are on even year cycles. The most recent began in 2012 and ended in 2014.

Each academic department has an assessment liaison.  The Center has one or more CIE Fellows whose responsibility is to work with the liaisons as they coordinate the development of assessment plans within their departments.  Assessment workshops, co-sponsored by Faculty Development, are offered throughout the academic year.  These workshops provide liaisons with information concerning each phase of the assessment process.  Additionally, the Faculty Senate has established a Learning Assessment Committee (LAC) to oversee the process of assessment.