The assessment of student learning determines to what extent students are acquiring the knowledge, skills and competencies the College expects of them as they move through the courses in their programs. The College’s academic departments assess student learning outcomes systematically and continuously. As a result numerous curricular and pedagogical changes have been implemented.

Each academic department has an assessment liaison who work with an assigned CIE Fellow to develop and implement assessment plans and reports within their departments. The specific responsibilities of the academic assessment liaisons are (1) in cooperation with the Academic Department Chair and Dean, to coordinate a departmental or program assessment plan, (2) to coordinate with the designated Fellow from the Center for Institutional Effectiveness (CIE) on the implementation of the assessment plan, (3) to participate in assessment workshops sponsored by the CIE and Faculty Development, and (4) to assist the department in completing the relevant assessment documentation.

Assessment workshops are offered throughout the academic year to provide liaisons with information concerning the assessment process. Additionally, the Faculty Senate has established a Learning Assessment Committee (LAC) to oversee the process of assessment. The current assessment schedules for each academic department can be viewed below.

Exemplary Academic Assessment Reports

Below are the Exemplary Academic Assessment Reports from the last few years. Guided by the Summative Rating Rubric, the review team focuses on overall strengths and weaknesses of assessment activities and the integrity of assessment methodologies to choose exemplary reports. These reports are guidelines for both meaningful and comprehensive assessment.