Speech Competition

11th Annual Speech Competition

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Winners of 2019 Competition

  • 1st Place: Han Eul Yoo, of Mahwah: “Eating around Celiac Disease”
  • 2nd Place: Brittany Troisi, of Fairview: “Why You Should Vaccinate”
  • 3rd  Place: Amanda Kurland, of Oakland: “Why We Need Mental Health Awareness”
  • 4th Place: Lindsey Njanja, of Lodi: “A Brief Summary of the Science behind the Attack of the HIV Virus”
  • 5th Place: Ignacio Leon, of Rutherford: “Transcendental Meditation: A Different Alternative for the Stressed Student”

(Cash prizes were sponsored by the Office of the Academic Vice President.)

To find out about competition rules and to sign-up, please locate the tabs on this page.