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Winners of 2019 Competition

  • 1st Place: Han Eul Yoo, of Mahwah: “Eating around Celiac Disease”
  • 2nd Place: Brittany Troisi, of Fairview: “Why You Should Vaccinate”
  • 3rd  Place: Amanda Kurland, of Oakland: “Why We Need Mental Health Awareness”
  • 4th Place: Lindsey Njanja, of Lodi: “A Brief Summary of the Science behind the Attack of the HIV Virus”
  • 5th Place: Ignacio Leon, of Rutherford: “Transcendental Meditation: A Different Alternative for the Stressed Student”

Spring 2018 Speech Competition

  • 1st Place:  Daniel Currier, Weaponized Emotion
  • 2nd Place: Tristan Anderson, “Inner Freedom”
  • 3rd Place:  Gabriella Squitieri, “The Impact of Words”
  • 4th Place:  Michelle Coneo, “Tips on How to Learn a Foreign Language”
  • 5th Place:  Maddalena Carpignano, “The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”

Spring 2016 Speech Competition

  • 1st Place: Maycie Schmidt, “Fair Trade”
  • 2nd Place: Kathryn Columbo, “In Favor of Comprehensive Sex Education”
  • 3rd Place: Nina Russo, “Negative Effects of Netflix”
  • 4th Place: Marissa Navarro,“Learning to Live in a Technological World”
  • 5th Place: Riccardo Vincent, “Should We Start the School Day with Meditation or Prayer?”

Honorable Mention: Samuel Novogroder and Ryan Smith

Spring 2015 Speech Competition

Honorable mention: Allan Chapman, Emily Freirich, Andrew Kranich and Natasha Pineiros.
Special merit awards: Jailisse Acosta, William Artiga, Reena Ezra, Dakota Librescu and Rebecca Silverman.

Spring 2014 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker:  Jason Lazar
  • Best Speaker, Runner Up -Kara Garland
  • Best Speaker, Third Place-Rebecca Silverman
  • Best Speaker, Fourth Place-Reina Stern
  • Best Speaker, Fifth Place –  Reena Ezra
  • Best Speaker, Sixth Place – Hashir Qazi

Spring 2013 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker: Edwina Koch, New Milford
  • Best Speaker Runner-Up: Enki Bello, Hackensack
  • Best Speaker Third Place: Ezio Cecere, Wyckoff
  • Best Speaker Fourth Place: Balpreet Bindra, Fair Lawn
  • Best Speaker Fifth Place: Paul Huening, Closter
  • Best Speaker Sixth Place: Shavelly Valencia, Englewood
  • Best Speaker Seventh Place: Lina Koshkina, Fort Lee

Honorable Mention: Ehat Seyho, Alexis Bravo and Sunny Glottmann.
Special Merit: Delia Malone, Jagook Lee, Pepe Romero, Ariana Abad and Aimee Landestoy.

Spring 2012 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker: Alex Netelkos
  • Best Speaker, Runner Up: Balpreet Bindra
  • Best Speaker, Third Place: Brandy Sharrock-Miller
  • Best Speaker, Fourth Place: Paul Bancroft
  • Best Speaker, Fifth Place: Taylor Mosca
  • Best Speaker, Sixth Place: Evans Mbai
  • Best Speaker, Seventh Place: Chase Morgan

Honorable Mention: Nancy Martinez, Perpetua Romain, Robert Schubert
Speakers of Merit: Tamaru Geller, Linda Haft, Jonghyun Koo, Ashishpal Singh

Spring 2011 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker: Mariagrazia Buttitta
  • Best Speaker, Runner Up: Laura Zarruk
  • Best Speaker, Third Place: Brandon Torres
  • Best Speaker, Fifth Place: Nubia Florian
  • Best Speaker, Sixth Place: Andrew Takahashi

Honorable Mention: Danielle Dellanno, Eric Hines, Christopher McCourt
Speakers of Merit: Jessica Figueroa,Dean Pologe,Giancarlo Tello, John Zuener

Spring 2010 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker: Krista Lewie-Cepero
  • Best Speaker, Runner Up: Luke Wondergem
  • Best Speaker, Third Place: Laura Simina
  • Best Speaker, Fourth Place: Frank Sanchez
  • Best Speaker, Fifth Place: Elizabeth Perry
  • Best Speaker, Sixth Place: Shirley Sarmiento

Spring 2009 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker: Lovely Jane O. Tanglao
  • Best Speaker, Runner Up: Christopher Havill
  • Best Speaker, Third Place: Kevin Kim
  • Best Speakers, Fourth Place: Keith Jicha
  • Best Speaker, Fourth Place: Amanda Larkin

Honorable Mention: Lynda Kraar, Allison Harte, Katarayna Kluk, Katherine Tineo
Speakers of Merit: Taylor Brown,Ellen Tiedeken

Fall 2008 Speech Competition

  • Best Speaker: Dani Garduque
  • Best Speaker, Runner Up:  Diana Lopez
  • Best Speaker, Third Place: Elisabeth Scaffidi

Honorable Mention: Jason Barry, Jolanta Lipien, Veronica Santillo