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Certification of the General Education Status of a BCC Course: Policy and Process

  1. The Committee on General Education will consider existing courses only – i.e., courses that have been approved for inclusion in the BCC Catalog and that have been assessed by the online NJ Transfer articulation system.
  2. A course must be approved by the New Jersey Council of Community Colleges as a General Education course and appear on the “Unified Course List” before it can be certified as a General Education course by Bergen Community College (For list www.njccc.org/gened).
  3. The general education course list will include college-level courses only.
  4. Courses must fit into the structure of the BCC General Education Program (Communication, Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences, Technological Competency, Humanities, History, Social Sciences, Diversity).
  5. Proposals to the Committee must be in the form of a completed “Gen Ed Course Evaluation Form ” accompanied by all required or necessary attachments. The Application must be signed by the appropriate Department Chair, as applicable, and by the appropriate Divisional Dean. The sponsor of the proposal must forward digital and hard copies, together with all supporting materials, to the chairperson of the Committee on General Education not later than one week in advance of a Committee meeting date. The Committee chairperson will notify the sponsor of the time, date, and place of the meeting at which the proposal will be considered by the Committee. The sponsor of the proposal must attend said meeting and be prepared to address any issues raised by the Committee.
  6. Proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the Committee’s written standards and criteria for defining a general education course – Characteristics and Goals.
  7. Courses currently on the general education course list will also be re-evaluated for retention or deletion on the basis of this new policy.