Childhood Development Associate (CDA) Program

Child development associates supervise and provide basic care for babies and young children. Some duties of child development associates include helping young children learn social skills, showing children how to maintain good hygiene, introducing children to basic academic concepts, and communicating with parents. These professionals may find work at childcare centers, schools, and private homes. Getting started in this career requires a high school diploma and a Childhood Development Associate must complete the CDA credential. The CDA credential is a way for childcare professionals to substantially increase your knowledge of the early care and education best practices. In 2019, the median annual wages for childcare workers was $23,240, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To find out more about CDA certification, call the CDA office at 800- 424-4310 or visit

For additional information, please contact 201 447-7488 or email [email protected].
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