Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


In accordance with the requirements of the respective legislations for each of the federal and state grant awards listed below, Bergen Community College continues to provide Emergency Financial Aid Grants to students to assist with financial hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amount Awarded to Students
The total amount of Emergency Financial Aid Grants awarded to students as of 12/31/2021 is $19,812,212.

Estimated Eligible Participants
The College estimates that a total of 36,826 students (duplicated) at the institution were eligible to request emergency aid, as per the respective program eligibility requirements.

Number of Awards
A total of 20,818 awards were made to students since the beginning of the pandemic.

Award Methodology
Students eligible for awards based on the criteria outlined in the legislation guidelines for each respective grant were sent an email to their Bergen email account with notification of eligibility and application instructions. In order to receive funding, the student completed an online application to confirm eligibility and assess the individual student’s need.


Federal and State Coronavirus Aid # of Students Awarded
(# of Students Eligible)
Amount Awarded
(as of 12/31/21) 
Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (Federal)
Round 1
Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund
$ 4,776,865 
Round 2 2,246
$ 3,656,720 
Round 3 1,439
$ 1,828,667
Round 4 10,222
$ 6,945,200
Coronavirus Relief Fund II
$ 2,604,761 
TOTALS $19,812,212

Eligibility and Application
In Round 4, students were awarded based on level of need as per Pell status and full-time vs. part-time enrollment status. evaluated for awards based on the following criteria:

  • Full Time Pell recipients received $1,000
  • Part Time Pell recipients received $400
  • Full Time non-Pell recipients received $750
  • Part Time non-Pell recipients received $350

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