Academic Standing

Academic Probation

Any student who fails to achieve the minimum grade point average as stated above shall be classified as a student on academic probation. Students are notified of their standing by the Registration Office.Academic probation is a warning that a student’s cumulative GPA is unsatisfactory and that the student will be academically suspended unless a minimum grade point average is met. Students on academic probation will not be permitted to register until they meet with a counselor in the Academic Counseling Center. Students registered with the EOF Office or Specialized Service Office should meet with their appropriate counselor.

Removal of Academic Probation Status
Any student who, after the end of the conditional semester, meets the GPA for credits attempted as specified above shall be classified as a student with satisfactory academic standing and will be notified of such standing by the Registration Office.

Academic Suspension

A student with conditional academic standing who fails to achieve the required GPA at the end of the semester will be placed on academic suspension.Suspended students will be reclassified with a status of unsatisfactory academic standing.
A student on academic suspension must file an Application for Reinstatement and meet with a counselor. The Committee on Academic Standing meets monthly in Fall and Spring Semesters to review applications and render decisions of acceptability and conditions of return.

Academic Dismissal

A student reinstated after academic suspension will be given conditional academic standing.
A student who fails to meet the minimum grade point average at the end of the conditional semester will be dismissed.
After being dismissed, a student is eligible to make Application for Reinstatement after one semester (excluding summer sessions). If reinstated, the student will be reclassified as a student with conditional academic standing. All reinstated students must meet with a counselor before registration.