If you wish to raise your GPA, you can retake courses in which you have earned one of the following passing grades (D, C, or B) or unsatisfactory grades (E or F).
When you have successfully repeated the course, the previous grade will be excluded from the Cumulative Grade Point Average (“Cumul GPA”) calculation BUT the grade will remain on your transcript and will be designated by the letter “R“.

Repeating a Course for the Third Time

A student who does not successfully complete a course after two attempts may be unable to complete a degree program.
Permission to repeat is not automatic.
For a course that you are repeating for the third time, you must meet with an Academic Counselor.
Counselors can be found in One-Stop Center, located in Pitkin Education Center (1st Floor), at the College’s main campus in Paramus, NJ.

Third Attempt of Math Course

To retake MAT-160 or higher level/College-level Mathematics course(s) for the third attempt, a student will need a permission from Mathematics Department, located in Room B-302, Pitkin Education Center (3rd Floor).