The Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (CITL) reports to the Office of Academic Affairs. CITL relies on the work of faculty and staff at Bergen who provide services to the college under the CITL banner and it’s concept of “Faculty Empowering Faculty.”

Core Staff

The staff is composed of an Instructional Technology Specialist, a Professional Assistant, and an Academic Web Designer, all  report to the Director.

Dr. Amarjit Kaur, Managing Director
Phone: 201-493-5002

Mani Memari, Instructional Designer
Phone: 201-897-3464

Patrick Simms, Professional Assistant
Phone: 201-612-5581

Faculty Support Team

Faculty are awarded release time to work with the CITL. Their roles vary, but overall, faculty are assisting other faculty by running workshops, providing one-on-one support or heading up special projects. The faculty support team is essential to the existence and the reach of CITL.

Advisory Board

The role of the CITL Advisory Committee is to advise the Dean of Program Development, Learning Technologies, and Process Improvement on the goals, direction, and desired outcomes of the use of instructional technology and best practices in pedagogy at Bergen Community College (BCC). The advisory committee recommends policies, procedures, and resource allocations for the effective and efficient deployment of instructional technology at BCC as well as the content and direction of seminars on best practices in pedagogy. It also helps ensure the appropriate delineation of support unit roles in providing seamless and integrated instructional technology services.

Bergen Community College
Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning