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ADP Workforce Now enables employees to view time off balances, request time off and more! Select an option below for a tutorial. Click the login button above to access Workforce Now with your Bergen username and password

Download our detailed instructions for Employees.

View Time Off Balances

  1. Log Into ADP
  2. Click the “Myself” tab.
  3. Select Time Off then Time Off Balances
  4. The time off polices will be listed with the balances showing in the right most column

Request Time Off

  1. Log Into ADP
  2. Click the “Myself” tab.
  3. Then select Time Off>Request Time Off.
  4. Click the “Request Time Off” Button.
  5. Enter the start and end date of the time off request and uncheck “Include weekends” if it is displayed and you are not scheduled to work on the weekend.
  6. If requesting off full days enter the number 1 in the “Amount” multiplier textbox. Enter the appropriate multiplier if requesting off a partial day (ie.  “.5” for half a day).
    • When using 2 partial day policies for a single day click the copy button on that days request then change the “Start Time” for the second request to 12PM so that they do not overlap.
  7. Select the appropriate Time Off Policy.
  8. For Vacation time, use the policies in the following priority order to ensure the vacation time nearest to expiration is used.
    1. VA Prior 2 -Vacation assigned from 2 fiscal years ago
    2. VA Prior -Vacation  assigned from last fiscal year
    3. VA## -Vacation assigned in current fiscal year
  9. If different time off policies are needed for each day, select “Edit Each Day Individually” and change the policy for each day. From this section you can remove individual days from the request by pressing the “x” to the right of that day.
  10. Click submit to finalize the request.

Cancel Time Off Request

  1. Log Into ADP
  2. Click the “Myself” tab.
  3. Then select Time Off>List Of Requests.
  4. The list of recent requests will be shown.
  5. Click the action arrow next to the request you would like to cancel and select “Cancel Request”.
  6. The “Cancel Time Off Request” confirmation pop-up will appear. Click “yes” to cancel the request.