Requesting services

We request 48 hours notice for any services. Any last minute requests will be considered based on availability of equipment and/or staff. We reserve the right to deny any request if we do not have the resources to fulfill them.

Videotaping services

Resources for videotaping are extremely limited and service cannot be guaranteed. Videotaping requests require two week notice and can only be approved by the Manager of Media Technologies.

TV Production Services

Television production is a premium service. Much time is required to plan and deliver an effective and professionally produced video. All requests for this service must be directed to The Manager of Media Technologies.

Video posting for on-line instruction

Uploading video content to our Real Server can take 1 to 2 weeks time, depending on the amount and length of the material. No copyrighted material will be posted without written permission from the distributor. Media Technologies assumes no responsibility for videos posted without permission.

Streaming Services: Webinars/interviews/guest speakers

Webinars, interviews via Skype/Adobe connect, or streaming of college events requires planning and extra set-up time. Our best effort will be made to accommodate these requests. However, it is the responsibility of the requestor to provide any needed passwords and make arrangements with the other party. No quality of service can be guaranteed due to bandwidth limitations and Internet traffic.

Streaming Services: Events

Events requiring streaming, i.e., political debates, require extra set-up time and considerable staff resources. We ask for 2 weeks notice when requesting streaming. No quality of service can be guaranteed due to bandwidth limitations and Internet traffic.

Torch TV

Bergen’s FIOS channel, Torch-TV (FIOS 26 in Bergen County), is where Studio Bergen, Bergen Stages,  and Bergen’s  educational & promotional programming are aired. We have a strict “no billboard/no still picture” policy—all video on the channel must have moving images. Programming for this channel is limited to promotional, education, student, and local non-profit programs. No commercial programming is allowed as per regulations set by Verizon. All programs must be reviewed and approved by The Manager of Media Technologies. We reserve the right to alter the program schedule at any time without prior notice.

Special Events—Audio Sound Reinforcement

Special events i.e., bands set-ups, require extra staff and equipment resources. In most cases we can provide 3 microphones, speakers, and a monitor mix. We cannot mic guitar amps, or drums. For these events we require 2 weeks notice. Under no circumstances will anyone outside of Media Technologies staff be allowed to operate or set-up our audio equipment. All special event requests must be reviewed and approved by The Manager of Media Technologies.

Media Duplication

Video duplication is limited to 3 copies per requestor, and only of events captured on campus (copyright permitting). We cannot duplicate copyrighted material under any circumstance unless written permission from the distributor is provided.

TV Curriculum Support Policies

Use of TV studio: It is the responsibility of the instructor to be present in the TV studio/control room during the class period. No student is allowed to be in the TV studio/control room unattended and must be escorted out by the instructor at the end of class. No student or instructor may alter or make any changes to equipment, lighting, or wiring without the assistance of a Media Technologies technician. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the TV studio or control room.

Student equipment sign-out/use of editing facilities form