Personal Counseling services are located in the Center For Health, Wellness, and Personal Counseling, HS-100, in the Pitkin Learning Center of the Main College campus. Appointments are preferred and can be made by calling 201-447-9257. Walk-in appointments are also available. 

Who Can Use Personal Counseling?

Students who want guidance or emotional support to help clarify emotions or problems are encouraged to seek Personal Counseling. In a private, confidential safe environment, a troubling matter can be discussed, options and goals can be explored, strategies for coping can be strengthened.

Students are encouraged to make an appointment as soon as they feel that their problems or concerns are interfering with their day to day activities. We want to assist students who are feeling hopeless, alone, overwhelmed, or stressed-out. Personal Counselors are not emotionally involved so they can offer students a non-biased, neutral perspective.

We do not provide counseling by e-mail or other electronic media. People not enrolled at Bergen Community College should seek assistance from the community.

How Can Personal Counseling Help Me?

Everyone feels lonely, overwhelmed, anxious, or down sometimes. But college students often feel an increase in these feelings because of stresses that accompany the college experience. Worry, anxiety, confusion are normal, common reactions. Academic demands, meeting new people, fitting in, managing other peoples expectations and financial responsibilities are part of being a college student.

How Does Personal Counseling Work?

Counseling is goal-oriented. Private issues are discussed, options are explored, and coping and problem solving skills strengthened. Referrals to community agencies and organizations are available as needed.

Is It Free?

Personal Counselors provide free, confidential counseling services to all students and follow legal and ethical guidelines.

Is Personal Counseling Confidential?

Counseling sessions are private and confidential except when there is concern that a student might be at risk for hurting themselves or others. Under those circumstances additional mental health professionals will be consulted.

Who are the personal counselors?

Personal Counseling is located in Pitkin Education Center, 1st Floor, Room HS-100

  • Professor Stafford Barton, Ph.D., LPC
  • Professor Eileen Purcell, M.S.W, LCSW
  • Professor Cristina Haedo, M.S.W (Bilingual Counselor)
  • Professor Lois Carmichael, M.S.W, LCSW (Office of Specialized Services,  L-115)

Veterans Counselor Located in Room A-118

  • Professor John Giaimo, M.A., LPC

Please call 201-447-7211 to make an appointment with Professor John Giaimo

Bergen Community College — Personal Counseling
Pitkin Education Center, Room HS-100
Office Hours Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Phone: (201) 447-9257          E-Mail:

The personal counseling e-mail is not monitored 24 hours a day. In the event of any life threatening situation, such as suicidal thoughts/attempts to harm oneself, alcohol or drug overdose, or serious mental health crisis, call 911 (police) or go to your local emergency room immediately.