Human Services Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.)- Legal Studies- Paralegal Program

Approved by the American Bar Association, the Bergen Community College Paralegal Studies program offers an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science. The program combines a general education background with law related specialty courses to provide the graduate with communication skills, knowledge of the legal system, and practical hands-on-experience immediately applicable to the legal workplace. The student will receive instruction on the basic principles of the law, along with the analytical, technical, and communication skills necessary for a career in the legal field. Topics of instruction include ethics and professional responsibilities of the legal profession, effective legal research and writing, and practical aspects of varied legal subject matters such as estates and trusts, commercial transactions, criminal and civil litigation, family law, real estate, legal accounting and business law.

Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law (ABA guideline G-501.A.3).

Human Services AAS – Law Enforcement Studies Program

This program is intended for students seeking to pursue a career in law enforcement at both local and federal levels. This program will provide the fundamental knowledge of the functions and process of the criminal justice system as well as philosophy, history, and legal principles guiding law enforcement practices and procedures. Career opportunities include Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement agencies, Federal, State Court/Judiciary, Federal, State and County Correctional facilities, Corporate and Private Security firms.

Legal Nurse Consultant Certificate

The Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC) Certificate Program is an American Bar Association approved 30-credit program. The program is one of only a handful of ABA-approved legal nurse consultant programs in the country. The LNC program is open to registered nurses who hold an AAS or BS in science degree, current licensure in New Jersey and have a minimum of 2,000 hours of nursing experience. The curriculum prepares nurses for paralegal nurse consultant positions in law firms, hospitals, insurance companies, health maintenance organizations, government offices, and risk management companies, either as an independent contractor while remaining active in traditional nursing or through full-time employment as a legal nurse consultant. By combining health care expertise with basic legal knowledge the Bergen Community College LNC Graduate will be prepared to deal with the medical aspects of a lawsuit, offer expert opinion and testimony and act as liaison between the attorney, the health care provider, and the client.