Extending your I-20

Please always be aware of the program end date on your I-20!  You can find the program end date on your I-20 under number 5 on the first page of your I-20.  If your I-20 is going to expire, prepare the following documentation and submit it to the ISC: 

  • I-20 Extension Request Packet PDF
    • I-20 Extension Request Form
    • Agreement of Support Form – needs to be signed by the sponsor that is paying for your education.  This form is not required if you are supporting yourself.
    • Agreement of Room & Board Form – not required
  • A Bank Statement proving $22,000
    • must be current within 6 months
    • must be in English

Please note the following:

  • International Student Counselors can only extend your I-20 one year at a time.
  • Your I-20 extension request could be denied if you have not been taking classes that pertain to the major that appears on your I-20, if you have failed many classes, or if you have not been attending your classes.
  • Bank statements may only come from personal accounts. The ISC will not accept any property value, business or money market accounts.
  • Notification of extension will be sent only to Bergen e-mail accounts.  If you are unable to access your e-mail account, review the information from Student Help
  • All extension requests may take 5 – 10 business days to process.
  • Appointments are not required.  Simply drop the packet off with its corresponding documentation to the ISC.