The Virtual LGBTQ+ Center


Bergen Community College seeks to create an open, accepting, and affirming environment for LGBTQ+ individuals on our campus. With this Center we hope to provide a “space” where individuals can access resources, increase communication to our LGBTQ+ population on campus, provide opportunities for connection (learn about Bergen PRIDE, our LGBTQ+ Alliance), learn about safe space trainings for faculty, staff and students and meet the growing community of faculty and staff who made a commitment to be an active ally for our LGBTQ+ community on campus. This Center seeks to foster an inclusive and engaged campus environment, supportive of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression for all members of this community on campus and in the larger community.

Bergen PRIDE (LGBTQ Alliance)

Meeting: Every Tuesday, 12:30pm – 1:30pm.
Students interested in joining or attending any meetings at our LGBTQ+ Alliance (Bergen P.R.I.D.E.) can contact Faculty Advisors for more information:


  • Center for Student Success [Academic & Transfer Counselors], Rm. A-118
  • Professor Linda Seidman {Academic Counselor, OSS (Disability Office) Counselor, LGBTQ+ Liaison}
  • Health Services:  HS 100 [Personal Counselors]

Bergen PRIDE Advisory Board

Bergen PRIDE’s advisory board are allies and participants in our club and its activities.
The members of our advisory board:

Bergen PRIDE Facebook page:
Bergen PRIDE Twitter:
Bergen PRIDE Instagram:

Provisional Name Change Information

As a transgender student, you may wish to request a provisional name change while you are attending Bergen Community College. This change is not permanent and is designed for students who have not yet changed their name legally or have chosen not to do so. This provisional change will utilize your “Preferred Name” in the following areas:

  • Colleague (Class Rosters);
  • Moodle;
  • Bergen ID (please go to The Office of Public Safety, Room L-154, to request a new Bergen Student Photo ID after the name change is complete);
  • Bergen Email;
  • Bergen Portal;
  • Username/display name.

Please Note:  Your name change will revert to your legal name prior to graduating or transferring unless a legal document of an official name change is presented.


Gender Neutral Restrooms

Since 2014, the main campus of Bergen Community College has designated 11 gender neutral, single-stall restrooms; 6 for students and 5 for faculty/staff.
These restrooms are located in the Pitkin Center, the Tech Building, Ender Hall and the Ciccone Theatre.
Here are their exact locations:

Gender Neutral Restrooms Location
Ciccone Theatre T-107M
Pitkin Center L-109, S-203, and S-302
Ender Hall E-166B
Tech Building TEC-122
Gender Neutral Restrooms Location
Ciccone Theatre T-107M
Pitkin Center L-110, S-204, and S-303
Ender Hall E-166A
Tech Building TEC-124

Safe Space at Bergen Community College

Bergen PRIDE and the Office of Student Life and Conduct offer Safe Space Workshops on a voluntary basis to our administration, faculty and staff.  Prof. Linda Seidman and Prof. Jim Bumgardner, Bergen PRIDE’s co-advisors, offer workshops throughout the year to work with participants on issues and answers about the LGBTQ+ community. Upon completion of the workshop, participants are given a Safe Space sticker to proudly display on their office door or inside their shared office to let LGBTQ+ individuals know that they are an ally and a “safe space” to be able to openly talk. Since we began offering the workshops, over 125 administration, faculty and staff have participated.  Please look for either of these stickers. In 2016, we began to offer the Safe Space Workshops to a few student organizations at Bergen Community College. Participants proudly wear a Safe Space pin letting the LGBTQ+ community know that they are allies.

Faculty/Staff: Certified Safe Spaces

Jean Acken April Adams
Linda Araya Keion Best
Vanda Bozicevic Denise Budd
Jim Bumgardner Aida Castro-Henix
Gean Chin John Cichowski
Maxine Cohen Joan Dalrymple
Kristen DeGraff Peter Dlugos
Randy Dodd Lou Ethel Roliston
Ellen Feig Michael Feder
Greg Fenkart Jennifer Flynn
Tim Foote Federica Fragapane
Rosanllel Franco Stephanie Franco
Jenny Gamez Angie Goldszmidt
Matha Goodwin Alicia Graham
Randi Greene Melissa Harwin
Peter Helff Vannette John
Leigh Jonaitis Candice Kaup Scioscia
Kelly Keane Kristen Ko
Kennis Kruk Michael LaPointe
Dennis Kruk Lenore Lerer
Rachel Lerner Colucci Kelly Keane
Kristen Ko Kimberly Lewis-Banks
Lisa Lione Laura Madera
Joe Mamatz Teri Mates
Lisa Mayer Tom McCoy
Ronald McKnight Margaret McLaughlin
Bridget McLaughlin Aretha McMillan
Erin Meccia Casper (Cap) Morriggie
Hyacinthe Nkurunziza Jessica Peacock
Joanne Piccininni Ana Ponton
Gary Porter Kim Ritchie
Jill Rivera Josephine Rodriquez
Carline Romain Betty Romano
Melissa Salort Jared Saltzman
DJ Scheibe Linda Seidman
Jacqueline Sellin Christina Sgambellone
Susan Sloan Mara Sloan
Kim Smokowski Elizabeth Stichhauyner
Majeda Sultana Lori Talarico
Cesarina Vinas Paul Wiener
Win Win Kyi Ian Wolf
Lori Yoselow Ed Zingg

LGBTQ+ Resources


Resources for LGBTQ+ Health Care and more…


LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources

  • COPE Center:
    – Dr. Catherin Roland, LPC:  973-943-1273  [51 Upper Montclair Plaza, Upper Montclair, NJ]. *Catherine Roland is also a professor at Montclair State;
    – Clinical Director, Rose Maire ([email protected]), MA, LCADC, CCS and Sue Seidenfeld, MS, LCADC, CCS;
    – Sue Seidenfeld ([email protected]), Executive Director of COPE Counseling Center at 104 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ.
  • HMI Institute (Henry Martin Institute – in Newark, NJ.
  • LifeWorks Counseling LLC ( :
    – Gina Unger, LCSW (Nutley, NJ) takes insurance.  Holistic and focus on spirituality if client desires.
  • Center for Identity Development (CID):
    – Director: James Mahon, LCSW, 31 Trinity Place, Montclair, NJ, Phone:973-744-6386;
    – Dr. Rosemarie Kopacsi: 973-509-0574:  460 Bloomfield Ave., Suite 209, Montclair, NJ;
    – Debbie Frank, LCSW: 973-744-1600:  33 Plmouth St., Suite 208 Montclair, NJ.
  • West Bergen Mental Healthcare/ Rainbow Resource Group (