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Our Faculty

Full Time Faculty

Kevin W. Olbrys
Department Chair/ Assistant Professor
Office Location: A-332A
Telephone: (201) 879-1179
Email[email protected]

Peter Dlugos
Office Location: Room A-332A
Telephone: 201-493-3619
Email: [email protected]

George Cronk
Office Location: Room S-334
Telephone: 201-447-7167 (BCC) or 973-238-1009 (off-campus)
Email: [email protected]

Michael D. Redmond, Ph.D.
Professor / President

Vanda Bozicevic
Associate Professor
Office Location: Room L-331
Telephone: 201-493-7528
Email: [email protected]

Tobyn De Marco
Associate Professor
Office Location: Room L-325-A
hone: 201-447-9282
Email: [email protected]


Adjunct Faculty

  • Peter Antonini
  • Jeffrey Burke
  • Michael Francesco
  • LeAnn Holland
  • Michael Lees
  • Thomas Lipnicki
  • Margaret Johnston
  • Allison Moore
  • Lisa Sargese
  • Lavina Sequeira
  • David Simone
  • Thomas Slaughter
  • Raymond Torres
  • Eric Wasser
  • Eric Wickey
  • R. Michael Clark
  • Douglas James
  • Clemens Reinke
  • Jeffrey Ventola


Other BCC Faculty & Administrators Working in the Department

  • Assistant Professor: Jessica Datema (English)
  • Professor: Alan Kaufman (English)
  • Professor: Geoffrey Sadock (English)