Office: Room A-332
Phone:(201) 879-3619
Email Address: [email protected]

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Areas of specialization: Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Early Modern Philosophy, Asian Philosophy, Comparative Religions

Publications and Presentations: “Mindfully Exploring Reverence and Compassion in a Highly Diverse Classroom,” presented at the Annual ACMHE Conference, Amherst College, October 2012; Readings in Philosophy: Eastern & Western Sources (ed.. with G. Cronk, T. Demarco, & P. Eckstein) (Hayden-McNeil, 2d ed., 2004); “Using Critical Thinking to Assess the Ineffable,” Community College Journal of Research & Practice, 27: 613-629, (2003); “Escaping the Propositional Prison” (with Paul Humphreys and James Fetzer), The Monist (July 1997); “Yolton and Rorty on the Veil of Ideas in Locke,” History of Philosophy Quarterly (July 1996); entries on Gareth Evans, Stephen Schiffer, and Kathleen Wilkes in The Routledge Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Philosophers (1996).