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Assistant Professor
M.A., New York University, Ph.D., Graduate Center, City University of New York
Office: Room L-325-A
Phone: 201-447-9282
Email: tdemarco@bergen.edu

Areas of specialization: aesthetics, ethics, social & political philosophy, ancient Greek philosophy, informal logic, argumentation theory, formal logic

Research interests: the philosophy of musical improvisation; Wittgenstein and music

Areas of interest: aesthetics, ethics, history of philosophy, modern philosophy (British Empiricism, Continental Philosophy, 20th century Analytic Philosophy), philosophy of language, philosophy of mind

Papers and publications:Creativity in Performance, edited by R. Keith Sawyer; Musicology & Performance, by Paul Henry Lang,” book review, Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism (forthcoming); “Challenging Dissent: The Ontology and Logic of Lawrence v. Texas” (with Jami Weinstein), Cardozo Women’s Law Journal (Winter 2004); Readings in Philosophy: Eastern & Western Sources (ed.. with G. Cronk, P. Dlugos, & P. Eckstein) (Hayden-McNeil 2004); ; “The Culture of Spontaneity, by Daniel Belgrad,” book review, Journal of Aesthetics & Art Criticism (1999); “In the Course of Performance: Studies in the World of Musical Improvisation, edited by Bruno Nettl & Melinda Russell; “Originality is Aesthetically & Artistically Valuable,” paper, meeting of American Society for Aesthetics (1998).Add Content…