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When is the college switching to Google?

Starting in the Summer of 2019, departments will be migrated to Google.  We plan on having all faculty and staff migrated by the end of the year.  Students will be migrated after employees.

When will my department be migrated?

ITS will work with Deans to schedule department migrations.

How does this impact my personal Gmail account?

Your college Gmail account will not be connected in any way to your personal account.  The Gmail website and the app allow you to switch between multiple accounts.

Is there Google training available?

The CITL Department will be creating training sessions for each department as they are migrated.  General training is available at the CITL Current Workshops.

Can we still use Microsoft Office?

Yes, you can continue to use the Microsoft Office Suite.  Following the migration of your department, you will be required to use the Gmail interface for email for the first one to two weeks.  Following this, you can contact the Help Desk for setting up Outlook for Google. The limitation of continuing to use Outlook will be that you are restricted to just 2 – 4 GB of searchable emails.  There are no such restrictions when using the Gmail web interface.

What will not automatically migrate to Gmail?

  • Outlook rules
  • Outlook personalized signature
  • Outlook draft emails
  • Outlook deleted emails
  • “My Tasks”
  • Message importance level


Will my Outlook folders migrate to Gmail automatically?

Your Outlook folders become “labels”.  Outlook folders that have special characters in their title (i.e. “Test/Test2”) will not migrate properly so these need to be renamed prior to the switch to Gmail.

What Google apps will we have access to?

You will have access to the majority of the G-Suite apps including but not limited to Drive, Team Drives, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Chat, Contacts.

What is “Shared Drives”?

A shared drive is a space where teams can easily store search, access, collaborate together from any device. Each department will have one shared drive.  Additional shared drives can be requested by contacting the Help Desk.