When are students switching to Google?
Students will begin migration to Google on July 7, 2020.

How does this impact my personal Gmail account?
Your student Gmail account will not be connected in any way to your personal account. The Gmail website and the app allow you to switch between multiple accounts.

Can we still download Office 365 for free?
Yes, click here for Office 365 Free Software Download Instructions.

What will not automatically migrate to Gmail?

  • Outlook rules
  • Outlook personalized signature
  • Outlook draft emails
  • Outlook deleted emails
  • “My Tasks”
  • Message importance level

Will my Outlook folders migrate to Gmail automatically?
Your Outlook folders become “labels”. Outlook folders that have special characters in their title (i.e. “Test/Test2”) will not migrate properly so these need to be renamed prior to the switch to Gmail.

What Google apps will we have access to?
You will have access to the majority of the G-Suite apps including but not limited to Drive, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, Chat, and Contacts.