Google Overview

Bergen Community College is in the process of moving all remaining email accounts over to Gmail. Starting July 7, we will begin moving all student accounts to Gmail. This process will continue over the summer until completed. Once you receive a notice that your Bergen Gmail account has been activated, follow the instructions below to access your account. For more in-depth instruction, please contact the Help Desk at (201) 879-7109 or click to view the Google FAQ for Staff/Faculty and Google FAQ for Students.

Logging In

  1. You can access your Bergen Gmail through the Bergen Portal (
  2. Log in with your Bergen username and password and click “Sign In”

    Bergen Login Picture
  3. Select the “Google Gmail” option under “My Bergen Email”

    Exchange or Gmail Selection Picture
  4. Upon your first log-in, you will see the following welcome screen.  Click “Next”

    Gmail Welcome Screen
  5. Select the inbox view you would like to use.  (This can be changed later)
    Inbox view choices
  6. You have now logged into your inbox.  From here you can view existing messages and compose new emails.