Many Bergen Community College professors give tests which are timed online exams and proctored exams. These online exams can use the Respondus LockDown Browser (RDLB) and Respondus Monitor (RM) for remote proctoring of exams.

What is Remote proctoring?

Remote proctoring uses a webcam to monitor students when they are taking exams. While face-to-face in-class exams have a live proctor, online classes use a remote proctoring solution to help students take exams from off-campus locations.

To familiarize with remote proctoring solution Respondus Browser and Respondus Monitor, watch a short video (2 min.) and check out the quick start guide.

What are the technical requirements?

If testing in your course is done using Respondus Monitor, you will need a Windows or Mac computer with a webcam.

  • Windows: 11 and 10 Details
  • Mac: macOS 10.13 to 13.0+
  • iOS: 11.0+ (iPad only). Must have a compatible LMS integration. Details
  • Chromebook: Details
  • A Webcam built-in laptop or installed on compatible device.

Where do I download the Respondus LockDown Browser?

You will need Respondus LockDown Browser on your computer to attempt Exams with RDLB. To download Respondus LockDown Browser  click herePlease note if you have downloaded LockDown Browser from another institution, you will need to uninstall the application and download it again from the link above. Each institution has its own version of the application.

How do I take an online exam with RDLB and RM?

For Canvas Classic Quizzes with “manual launch,” close all standard browsers, start the LockDown Browser application, login to Canvas site at to find your course, and open the Exam with “…-Requires Respondus LockDown Browser” in the quiz title.

  1. Close all programs, unless one is used to connect you to the Internet.
  2. Locate the “LockDown Browser” shortcut on the desktop and double-click it. (For Mac users, launch “LockDown Browser” from the Applications folder.)
  3. If prompted, either close a blocked program (e.g. screen capture, instant messaging) by choosing Yes. Or, close LockDown Browser and close the blocked program before restarting.
  4. Log into Canvas.
  5. Navigate to the quiz within the course and begin the quiz.

Note: Once a quiz has been started with Respondus LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the quiz has been submitted for grading. For more info see Classic Quizzes quick start guide

For Canvas New Quizzes with “auto launch”, close all other apps and browsers, start only one standard browser (such as Chrome or Safari) and login to the Canvas site at to find your course and open the exam. When you click “Begin Exam,” it will automatically launch the exam in a new LockDown Browser window.

  1. Close all programs, unless one is used to connect you to the Internet.
  2. Log into Canvas with a regular browser, select the course and navigate to the quiz.
  3. If LockDown Browser has not previously been installed, you will be prompted to download and install the browser.
  4. Return to the quiz and open it to launch LockDown Browser.
  5. If prompted to close a blocked program (e.g. screen capture, instant messaging), choose Yes.

Note: Once a test has been started with Respondus LockDown Browser, you cannot exit until the test has been submitted for grading. For more info see quick New Quizzes start guide

Where can I get help?

Students can initiate a live chat session through the 24/7 “Help Center” in Respondus Monitor to resolve technical issues. You may check out frequently asked Student support site.

  1. Respondus’ Student Help
  2. Submit a Support Ticket​
  3. 24/7 Live Chat Support
  4. Student Support FAQ
  5. Installing LockDown Browser on Windows
  6. Using an iPad with Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor​

Academic Integrity

Students are required to exemplify Academic integrity in all their dealings and interactions. Bergen Community College is committed to academic integrity-the honest, fair, and continuing pursuit of knowledge, free from fraud or deception.
Source: Bergen Community College Catalog, 2016 (Page 9)