Based on the United States Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Public Law 110-315, MSCHE requires all institutions to assure the integrity of its online offerings.

All BCC’s distance learning courses or programs use one of the following options in to verify student identification.

a.  A secure login and pass code
b.  Proctored examination
c.  New technologies and practice those are effective in verifying student verification.

Identity verification begins when a student applies for admission to the institution and enrolls in a distance education course. Every student is assigned a unique username and password to login to the college’s Portal system. Students are required to reset their password every 60 days. The unique set of credentials is known to the student who is instructed to keep the password private. Student access our course management system using their unique credentials. Data transmission of login information is secured using standard encryption technology.  Please see Portal help for more information.

The Office of Information Technology, Help desk is responsible for consistent application of student identity verification procedures.  Student can request change of learning management system password by contacting the help desk staff.  A student requesting a change of password is asked to provide personally identifiable information such as college ID#, Date of Birth, the last four digits of social security number, or other similar information.

The Password manager tool is available to reset their password anytime. Students are required to set 3 identity verification questions to enroll in this system. The answers to these questions are known only by the student. Upon answering these questions correctly, students can reset their password.

Some of the BCC’s professors require proctored exams in their online courses. If the student is local, they can take the exam at the college’s testing center (S-127). Students are required to bring two forms of identification including a picture ID. If the student is not local, they need to find a proctoring center near their residence. Students are responsible to pay the proctoring testing center fee, if applicable.