How do I get help with my Canvas course?

You can connect with a Canvas support representative through several options. The live chat available from the Help menu allows you to get answers quickly, while you may choose to directly talk to a IT support service representative.

  • Help menu – Using the help menu located in global navigation bar from each of the Canvas course you can chat with Canvas Support, call the Canvas Support Hotline or Report a problem.
  • IT Support Services – If you need further assistance with Canvas or technologies used in a course, call 201-879-7109.

Who provides computer, Internet access and accessories?

You will need a computer (PC or MAC) with internet access to take an online course. You are responsible for your own ISP (Internet Service Provider). In case your instructor is using Respondus Monitor, you will need Respondus LockDown Browser installed on a laptop or desktop computer to attempt an exam. If your class has a scheduled virtual office hour or online class meeting time, you will need a microphone, speaker, or a webcam to successfully participate in the course.

What are the browser and computer requirements?

Update browser (Mozilla Firefox and Chrome, MS Edge or Safari) to current versions on your computer.

  • Javascript is enabled by default on all supported browsers. However, if you encounter problems with Canvas, please check your browser (FirefoxChrome) settings to make sure that Javascript is enabled.
  • Third party cookies are allowed by default on all supported browsers. If you experience problems staying logged into Canvas, please check your browser settings to make sure you allow third party cookies.
  • If you have a popup blocker installed on your computer, please adjust it to allow content from the website since it prevents Canvas from operating correctly. To allow pop-ups for Canvas in your browser, visit Canvas Basic Guide page.

How can I familiarize with Canvas?

To learn how to work with Canvas and related tools used in your online course, click Courses from the Global Navigation bar to find “Resource Area – Fundamentals of Online Learning.” CITL staff will respond to any questions posted in the Q&A forums during business hours.

In addition, check for additional online learning tools and technical requirements in your course.