Welcome to the Online course Support for Bergen users. All Bergen students are enrolled in a Moodle course. You can connect with a Moodle support representative through several options. The live chat allows you to get answers quickly, while submitting a ticket typically takes the least amount of your time.

Check options below:

  • Call us – If you have questions about Moodle or need technology assistance, call the 24/7 toll free at 1-877-612-5381.
  • Live Chat – Dialogue with a service representative live over the web by going to the Chat web site.
  • Submit a ticket – Fill-in the Moodle help Desk Form with as much information as possible to get help for your Moodle course.


When does my online course begin?

Your online course begins the first day of the academic semester. Unless otherwise instructed, your class begins on the first day of the semester.

Do I need to be on the computer at any specific time?

If you are enrolled in an online  synchronous course, you are required to join your class online at specific time. Check Self service for location and class time.

If you are enrolled in an online asynchronous course, you can log into your course at your convenience. However, keep in mind that many instructors require specific online course requirements throughout each week. You are responsible for all online course requirements.

If you are enrolled in an online mix course, check with your instructor when you are scheduled for real time meetings. After checking with your instructor for scheduled real time meetings, you will work on your course asynchronously.

If you are enrolled in a hybrid course, most of your course will be online, but some portion will be on-campus.


How is attendance taken in an online course?

Your instructor will take attendance based on how they are engaging students via synchronous sessions, asynchronous sessions, and on-campus activities. Individual instructors may have specific attendance policies listed in the course syllabus.

Where do I find syllabus and Textbook information?

Your syllabus for the online course is posted on your course home page.  Textbook information will be listed in the course syllabus and you can purchase your textbook from the Bergen Community College bookstore on-line at http://www.efollet.com. For orders placed by Monday afternoon, books will ship out on Wednesday. For orders placed by Wednesday afternoon, they will ship out the following Monday.  If you have any questions, be sure to consult erovetto@follett.com to make sure you purchase the correct book for your course.

Where should I check my course email and important announcements?

Be sure to check your Bergen Gmail account as well as ‘Messages’ in your Moodle course regularly for important information from the College and your instructor. The Quickmail block available in your Moodle course will help you with sending emails to your instructor.

How am I assessed in an online course?

Student performance in online courses will be assessed the same way as face-to-face courses. You may have term papers, projects, discussions, essays or other assignments, as well as quizzes or tests.  The method depends on your instructor, so be sure to read your syllabus carefully as it will explain this in detail. Check with your instructor as to how you can find out about your assignment or test grades.  Final course grades will be available on the Self Service platform.

How can I access academic services remotely?