Alumni Trustee Information

Recent graduates from Bergen Community College have an opportunity to contribute their student experiences to the College Leadership by running for an important elected leadership position – Alumni Trustee.

The Alumni Trustee position allows a newly graduated student to sit on the Bergen Community College Board of Trustees, to articulate and voice the needs of the students and to vote on issues.

The Board of Trustees is the governing board for Bergen Community College and is responsible for decision-making and approving policy decisions affecting the College.
The board meets once a month.


The  student body elects Alumni Trustee annually to serve a 1-year term, from July 1 – June 30.

In order to participate in the elections the student must:

• Be a Bergen alumnus/alumna as of June 1, 2018.
Students who graduated in August 2017, December 2017, or who will graduate in May 2018 are eligible to run or be nominated for the 2018-2019 Alumni Trustee.
• Have a valid email address on file.
• Be available the first week (usually a Tuesday – subject to change) of each month for meetings.
• Be able to articulate student needs and collaborate with the Office of Student Life.
• Attend assigned to Board Committees and other Board events.


2018-2019 Alumni Representative to the Board of Trustees Candidates

Amanda Karpinski's pictureName: Amanda Karpinski

Program of Study: Professional Studies, General Studies.

Bio: I am running for Alumni Trustee in order to represent and support the students of Bergen Community College.
Serving as both the Chapter President and International President of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society has helped me gain a better insight into how BCC functions and the best ways to improve students’ experiences.
My goals are to increase scholarships for students, improve academic advising and reform registration.
I believe that each student should feel supported from the first step they take onto BCC’s campus to the day they graduate.
As a former peer tutor, I have seen first hand the potential of students who reach out and receive support for classes. Being a NJ Stars student, I know how important it is to be rewarded financial support for your hard work.
This past year I have served as the Student Representative on Phi Theta Kappa’s Board of Directors ensuring that students are always held as the top priority.
I hope that I can continue to serve Bergen Community College as your next Alumni Trustee.

Sibora Peca's picture

Name: Sibora Peca

Program of Study: Natural Sciences and Mathematics, General Studies.

Bio: I am Sibora Peca and my goal is provide to Bergen students a FEE FREE college BANDED TUITION, and a FINALS WEEK.
I am honored that I have served as the President of the Student Government Association here at Bergen for one year already. It helped me understand more about the governing branches here at the college.
While serving as the main representative, I had the opportunity to be a senator at the Faculty Senate, a member of the College Council, and build a relationship with the Administration. I realized that these bodies are essential to sustain the college, support the students, and are the foundation to its success. I had the opportunity to present and make changes that were welcomed from these bodies such as amend the College Council Constitution, have a say in the Summer Hours Policy, Religious Accommodation Policy, Exam Rescheduling Policy.
My SGA Team and I also created the Leadership Commons (SC110), a space that is designed to motivate, inspire, enhance student leaders’ success, and offer them resources to embrace with pride their academic institution.
Now that I am graduating I have been given the opportunity to apply for the position of the Alumni Trustee. I believe I am ready to take on such honor and responsibility to represent the students’ voice at one of the most important bodies at the college, Board of Trustees. If elected, I will be able to continue building my legacy for Bergen.

Should you have any questions, please contact Dr. Ralph Choonoo, Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Affairs or Dean of Student Life and Conduct, Rachel Lerner Colucci.