Mateo Armas Mateo Armas - "...I was offered the NJ Stars Scholarship"
Wilson Burke Wilson Burke - “I was confident that Bergen was a strong choice for me to experience academia..."
Shiwa Yangzom Shiwa Yangzom - “By getting involved on campus, I have met professors, advisors, and peers who always support me..."
Phillip Pavot Phillip Pavot - "Bergen is affordable..."
Rohan McMillan Rohan McMillan - “I wanted to figure out my life step by step..."
Askar Mirza Askar Mirza - “I felt it would give me a chance to start fresh and rebuild..."
Kaylie Quezada Kaylie Quezada - "Bergen has exceptional professors and staff..."
Christopher Martinez Christopher Martinez - “Bergen is among the best community colleges in the area..."
Dontae Trench Dontae Trench - "Top community college in New Jersey with a great campus, teachers, and affordability."
Margo Cusco Margo Cusco - "I owe all my success to the dedicated staff members and professors..."
Liangy Gomerez Liangy Gomerez - "...I wouldn’t be who I am as of now."
Karla Santamaria Karla Santamaria - “...I fell in love with the campus and how everybody was so welcoming."
TaylorLee White TaylorLee White - "I want to further my education and begin my career to excel."
Abubacar Keita Abubacar Kieta - "I needed a fresh start and Bergen was the perfect place to ease into the college life."
Mahek Shah Mahek Shah - "Bergen has a great campus and faculty"
Annie Echeverry Annie Echeverry - "My personal dedication and determination has made me successful at Bergen."
Darianny Bautista Darianny Bautista - "From the moment I stepped foot on campus, I knew I wanted to make an impact here."
Joanna Augelletta Joanna Augelletta - "Bergen allows me to explore different career options."
Joshua Rota-Tebb Joshua Rota-Tebb - "I came to Bergen out of necessity, but stayed because of the people I met here."
Petar Petroski Petar Petroski - "Bergen offers an amazing education at a 2-year institution at a better price."