Initial The New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Eligibility is determined on the basis of both economic and educational criteria.

Because a student or a student’s family currently falls within the income criteria does not make the student automatically eligible for EOF.

Although students may qualify for the program, admission criteria give priority to first-time, full-time freshmen and to EOF transfer students in good standing from another EOF Program.

EOF Grant Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for an Educational Opportunity Fund grant, a student must:

  • Be a New Jersey Resident for at least one (1) year,
  • Be recipient of High School Diploma, GED, or HSE,
  • Intend to have Full-Time enrollment, in the first semester,
  • Be placed in the American Language Program (ALP) level 2 or higher, if applicable, and
  • Meet the Income Eligibility Guidelines below listed.

EOF Income Eligibility Scale

Dependent and independent students are financially eligible for an EOF grant based on the following scale:

EOF Income Eligibility Scale
(Fall 2023 – Spring 2024)

Applicants with
a Household Size of
Gross Income
(Not to Exceed)
Maximum Asset Cap for ALL Students
(Not to Exceed)
1 $27,180* $5,436
2 $36,620 $7,324
3 $46,060 $9,212
4 $55,500 $11,100
5 $64,940 $12,988
6 $74,380 $14,876
7 $83,820 $16,764
8 $93,260 $18,652
9+ For each additional
member of the household add $9,440.
For each additional
member of the household add $1,888.