What do I have to do to take ESL classes?
Follow the steps at: bergen.edu/getstarted

You will fill out the application and then take the English Language Proficiency test so that you can start at the level that is good for you.  For information about the Accuplacer placement exam and test dates/times please see the Office of Testing Services web page.  On campus visit the Office of Testing Services, Room S-127, call 201-447-7203, or email testingoffice@bergen.edu.

Where do I go get information about International student admissions?
All information can be found on the International Student Admissions web page.

How many hours and classes are in each level?
The full program is 15 credits/hours of class each week: Grammar, Reading, Writing, and Speech classes.

May I study part-time?
Yes, part-time students may take one, two, or three courses – 3, 6, or 9 hours/credits. Students with F-1 visas must take at least 12 credits in fall and spring semesters.

What is the tuition for ESL courses?
Tuition is based on the number of hours/credits and the number of classes. Detailed information about tuition and fees can be found on the Bursar’s Web page (Tuition and Fees)

Can I get Financial Aid?
For information, go to the Financial Aid web site.

Does the program have day and evening classes?
Classes can be taken in the morning, afternoon, evening or weekends.

Can I take ESL courses online?
Yes, you can take Level 2 & Level 3 courses online or partially online (hybrid). Grammar, Reading, Writing and Speech are all available. To take these courses, you should be comfortable using a computer and be self-motivated.

Do ESL Courses count for college credit?
Most ESL courses count as “non-degree” credits, so except for SPE-100, they do not count in the total number of credits required for graduation, and they do not transfer to other colleges.

Can I take college courses while I am taking ESL classes?
Students who test into the advanced level may be eligible to enroll in a learning community, which is a paired ESL and college-level course while completing ESL requirements.

Do I need to take any other placement test before I start my major?
Students can also prepare for and take the math placement test during the final semester of ESL classes in order to transition smoothly into their selected majors.

How do ESL courses affect a student’s GPA?
ESL courses are averaged into a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA). Good grades in ESL courses can help a student get off to a good start in college.

ESL/ALP Program Details