Students accepted into the EOF program receive much more than just financial support.

All EOF students are eligible to receive a wide array of services designed to help them be successful in their educational journey, including counseling, summer program, workshops, grant program, and tutoring.

EOF Services

EOF Counseling

The counselors in the EOF Department are highly trained professionals dedicated to supporting student development and student success through a comprehensive range of services. All EOF students are assigned a counselor who is available to assist the student from enrollment through graduation at Bergen Community College.

EOF Pre-Freshman Summer Program

The EOF Pre-Freshman Summer Program is a state funded program offered to first-time college students entering the EOF Program at Bergen Community College. It is an intensive pre-college preparatory academic program designed to give first-time, full-time, college students a head start on their college career. The summer program runs for six (6) weeks. There is no cost associated in attending this program as books for the summer program, lunch vouchers, and a weekly travel stipend are included.

EOF Workshops

The EOF program offers workshops on topics pertinent to student life such as Study Skills, Time Management, Test Taking Strategies, Effective Communication, and more. Workshops are offered to enhance the quality of a students’ college life. All EOF students are required to attend workshops.

EOF Summer Grant Program

The Educational Opportunity Fund program offers a summer grant for spring semester funded EOF students who qualify under specific eligibility criteria. The EOF summer grant depends on funding availability as provided by the state.


EOF students can benefit greatly from the special privilege of permanent appointments that schedule tutorial sessions with a set tutor and subject that will remain consistent for the entire semester. Permanent tutoring must be approved by your EOF Counselor.

EOF Forms

Applying or Transferring to Bergen CC and interested in EOF Program?

Please download and save to the complete the following fillable PDF forms for EOF:

Transferring to another NJ College with an EOF Program?

To assist EOF students when transferring, we recommend the EOF students to complete and submit the following forms to the EOF office email at [email protected].

All EOF students should complete this form after applying to the colleges they are interested in so that the Bergen Community College/EOF Office can send a letter on their behalf to ask the college to waive the application fee.

All EOF students should complete this form to allow us to notify the school that you are transferring to, that you are a current EOF student and whether you have received funding.
In addition, all EOF students should contact the EOF Department of the School/College/University they are transferring to.