Accommodations are tailored to the individual needs of students. Reasonable accommodations must be supported by current documentation. A wide range of accommodations are available including, but not limited to:

Extended Time Testing

Testing accommodations may include up to double time for test taking in the Testing Center, a low distraction environment, relocation, or an alternative test format (such as assistive technology based tests).
Testing can be done in the Office of Testing Services – Room S-127, or can be done with the instructor.
Faculty are responsible for dropping off and picking up all exams. To avoid confusion the student and instructor should discuss testing arrangements and how this accommodation will be implemented as soon as an exam date is announced.

Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology includes hardware such as an adapted mouse, large monitor, or adapted keyboard. These devices assist people with physical impairments. Software such as voice input/output, scanners, and text readers assist people with sensory motor impairment (blind, deaf) or people with learning disabilities.
Bergen Community College provides Assistive Technology in various Free Time Labs in the Pitkin Education Building and the Technology Building. BCC also maintains a Training Lab, in L-120,and a Testing Lab in S-118. The technology is also present at the Sidney Silverman Library, the Cerullo Learning Assistance Center, and at both the Ciarco Campus and the new Lyndhurst Campus.

Adaptive Technologies Specialists are also available by appointment at 201-612-5270 or at

Demonstrations are available for groups. Training is available for students or employees with documented disabilities. Students must be referred by OSS.

Interpreters and C-Print Captionists

Sign language interpreters and C-Print captionists for students who are deaf or hard of hearing are available for regularly scheduled classes and labs as well as for other special campus events.
Hiring and assigning interpreters and captionists takes time.
Students are asked to use priority registration and finalize their class and lab schedules as early as possible. Deaf Services should be notified as soon as any changes are made to a student’s schedule.
The request for interpreting or captioning services for class or campus events (e.g., meeting with professor, class group meeting, college event, etc.) should be made by the student as soon as the activity is known.
These requests can be made by submitting an online Interpreter Request form to Deaf Services.
Every attempt will be made to schedule interpreters for these special requests. The student will be notified of the interpreter/captionists’ availability.

Note Taking

This is a support service for qualified individuals to assist in getting content information from classroom lectures and discussions. Students requesting this accommodation must present their note taking accommodation form to the instructor. Instructors are asked to assist the student in locating a note taker. An explanation on how the Professor should assist is described to them on the form. Once a note taker is found, the notetaker should be referred to L-115 to request a Notetaker Packet. This packet provides detailed instructions for how the note taker can become registered through the Office of Specialized Services. If a peer note taker cannot be located, the student should contact the Note Taking Coordinator in the Office of Specialized Services by the end of the first two weeks of class. The office can work to identify a note taker through an alternate resource.

Physical Access

Every effort is made to reduce barriers to classrooms and other university facilities. Students with accessibility problems should contact OSS as soon as they become aware of the need for an accommodation.

Priority Registration

Priority registration is available to students whose documentation supports special scheduling consideration.

Recorded Text

Recorded texts are available from Recordings for the Blind in Princeton, New Jersey. Recordings for the Blind requires advance notice (usually a semester) to tape texts that are not already available.


A Reader/Scribe can be used in Testing Services to take exams. Requests should be made at least a week prior to the time the service is needed.