Departmental Goals

*Note that this page is in the process of being revised and updated.

Goal 1. We will improve student engagement and student success.

  • Increase mentoring efforts for students in the Philosophy and Religion AA/Liberal Arts Options.
  • Follow-up on the Department’s student learning outcomes project in 2010-2011: Consider the development of a departmentally-adopted set of criteria for grading student written work.
  • Other follow-ups on the 2010-2011 student learning outcomes project?Continue meetings with PHR majors and attempt to increase their involvement in Logos (the BCC Philosophy and Religion Club)and in other activities of the department.
  • Continue to cultivate and use student tutors in philosophy and religion. In AY10-11, we will continue to work to effect an increasinglyclose correlation between the needs of students and the tutorial services we provide to them. We will also continue our efforts to inform students of tutorial opportunities in philosophy and religion and to encourage them to use our tutors more regularly.

Goal 2. We will promote a fully engaged and empowered faculty, staff, and administration, who are firmly committed to the success of our students and to fully realizing the College’s mission.

  • Continue to support department members in their participation in professional conferences and in their other scholarly efforts.
  • Continue the department’s policy of seeking to maintain a close relationship between the full-time faculty and the department’s adjunct staff. At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters each year, a joint conference of full- and part-time faculty in Philosophy and Religion is held. Continue the aforesaid policy and explore additional ways in which the coordination of the efforts of full-time and adjunct staff might be increased.

Goal 3. We will expand and improve our key programs and processes.

  • Begin, continue, or complete the course development projects already designated or to be designated by the Department.
  • Continue to develop, offer, and run completely online and partially online (hybrid) versions of the Department’s courses.
  • Review and revise the current goals and learning objectives for the Philosophy and Religion program that were designed in relation to the mission and vision statements of the college.

Goal 4. We will become even more engaged with our local community and become greater stewards of the environment.

  • Continue the Philosophy and Religion Public Lecture Program, in which the Philosophy and Religion Department and Logos, the BCC Philosophy & Religion Club, jointly sponsor and host special lectures by prominent guest speakers for the general college and greater Bergen County communities.
  • Develop a new departmental brochure to be distributed to students and to the community. The brochure will describe the Philosophy and Religion program, its courses, its objectives, and its utility as part of a comprehensive college education.
  • Members of the Philosophy and Religion Department will participate in BCC community outreach and marketing ventures that invite faculty participation (e.g., the College Open House, etc.).
  • Continue the “Friends of Socrates” community outreach.

Goal 5. We will maintain sound fiscal management and affordability and increase our resource development efforts.

  • For years, the Department has had a price limit on book orders for any single course. The current limit is $150, and that will be continued in 2012-2013.
  • Many in the Department now have the required readings for their courses on line, which means that students are not required to purchase books but can simply read on line or print out reading materials (at their own expense or at the college’s expense?).