Introduction to Teaching

In Demand Occupation
Under Three Months

This pre-service course is framed around two critical areas: (1) an overview of and preparation for the skills and tools needed for the teaching profession; and (2) essential attitudes and dispositions needed to maintain poise as novice teachers in diverse communities. This course comprises 50 hours including 30 hours of instruction, 8 hours of classroom observation, and 12 hours of clinical experience. The course will provide the participant with a “clinical” opportunity through structured observations in a school setting. In addition, 12 hours of clinical work such as tutoring or substitute teaching will offer candidates the opportunity to work with students in an authentic environment.

Time to Complete: 4-11 weeks (50 hours)
Prerequisites: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative 2.75 GPA (if you graduated before September 2016) or a 3.0 GPA (if you graduated after September 2016) or higher from a bachelor’s or master’s degree program  
Cost: $295

Child Development Associate (CDA) Certificate Program

In Demand Occupation

This 120-hour training program, offered in either a two or three part program, is designed to provide the necessary educational hours towards earning a CDA, a nationally recognized credential for those in the early childhood profession who care for children from birth through five years old. Eight required subject areas are covered and includes guidance for preparing the professional resource file. A review of the final examination, given by the credentialing office, will also be covered.

Time to Complete: 6-12 months (120 classroom hours)
Prerequisites: High School Diploma or Equivalent
Cost: $2,590

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