1. Satisfactory Academic Standing

Any student who maintains a grade point average (GPA) based upon the following scale shall be classified as a student with satisfactory academic standing:

Cumulative GPA
GPA Credits
12-23 credits 1.7
24-35 credits 1.8
36-47 credits 1.9
48+ 2.0

2. Academic Dismissal

A student reinstated after academic suspension will be given conditional academic standing.

A student who fails to meet the minimum grade point average at the end of the conditional semester will be dismissed.


3. Reinstatement after Academic Dismissal

After being dismissed, a student is eligible to make application for reinstatement after one semester (excluding summer sessions).

If reinstated, the student will be reclassified as a student with conditional academic standing.

All reinstated students must meet with a counselor before registration.

A request for reinstatement can only be initiated by a written application to the Committee on Academic Standing in accordance with the posted college deadline. The Committee on Academic Standing shall review the reinstatement application and render a decision or delegate the authority for reinstatement to Counseling faculty.

There is a $25 fee for the reinstatement application.

4. Reinstatement Application Form