What is SoftChalk? 

SoftChalk’ Is an e-learning authoring software that allows you to create web-based lessons for students and share it via LMS and other communication platforms. SoftChalk Cloud is your own cloud space where you can store, manage, and share digital lessons and other interactive content. SoftChalk’s Open Education Resource (OER) is a repository of learning objects created by educators where you can share your SoftChalk materials or search for learning activities to use in your course.

Where can I find sample SoftChalk lessons?

To find samples of SoftChalk lessons view examples by discipline and to find resources created with SoftChalk explore SoftChalk Share 

How do I get started with SoftChalk cloud?

To open your SoftChalk cloud account click here and enter the Activation Key. The activation key can be accessed by logging in to The Teaching and Learning Exchange Moodle shell.

Is there any training material available?

To watch the Getting started with SoftChalk cloud live session click here and enter the passcode as @aEsHsG3. To find short courses offered by SofChalk check out the upcoming calendar of offerings.  

If you have a question send an email to [email protected]