What is Canvas?
Canvas is a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) used to design and deliver online and blended learning environments. It helps to engage, assess, and track student learning progress.

This LMS provides instructors a variety of tools to create and share course content using Assignments, Discussions, Modules, Quizzes, and Pages. Instructors may choose to foster a collaborative learning experience using Collaborations, Conferences, and Groups.

How do I get started?
If you are assigned a course by your department, it is automatically created on Canvas. However, if for some reason you do not find your assigned course submit the course shell request form. To find your course login to the Portal site (my.bergen.edu) and click on Online/Canvas item. Once you have a blank course shell add Bergen template from the Commons area. The Bergen template uses the core style to provide consistent experience to all students.

If you are using publisher provided course packs or online services, it is recommended that you provide a link in your Canvas course to the external site/resources for students to find all the course content from a central location.

Where can I find training materials?
To begin learning canvas you can start with the Self-paced Training Course “Bergen Canvas Training Course” which is listed next to your course on the Dashboard. You can also attend any of the Canvas workshops by registering for any of the workshops listed on the CITL workshop calendar.  The Canvas Instructor Guide provides step by step instructions on how to work with Canvas tools. Alternatively you may watch Canvas Video Tutorials to learn a Canvas tool or feature. If you need assistance with issues/problems, contact the Canvas support team 24×7 by clicking Help? option from Global navigation bar from within your Canvas course.

If you are teaching a course you have previously taught copy a course from previous semester. In case you are teaching a course for the first time import course template to add institutional support services to your course. This will also give you a head start on using modules to structure your course.  It is expected instructors will make the course available to students on the first day of the class.  If you have any question, contact us at citl@bergen.edu.