What is Webex Meeting?

Webex helps to create real time communication and collaboration opportunities for class activities. It allows the instructor to present course materials, answer questions and initiate group discussion in real time. It can help to record a session which can be viewed later by your students. Some of the ways instructors may use a webinar session include:

  1. Tour of online course – Instructor can share their browser to give a tour of their course to students.
  2. Present lecture – Instructor can explain lecture notes and course material in real time and answer student’s question.
  3. Guest lecture session – Guest speakers can join in from a distance to present a topic of the week.
  4. Student presentation – Students can be promoted to the presenter role to present their project work.

How can I get started with Webex?

To access your WebEx account login to bergen.webex.com and to get consent form click here. If you have additional inquiries, email [email protected]

Where can I find training material?

  1. Plan your session using the Webex Design Worksheet
  2. Refer to Instruction for creating Personal or scheduled Meetings
  3. Provide instructions to students to join the meeting
  4. Set up WebEx Connector tool in a Canvas course
  5. Refer to instructions to set up Breakout rooms from a Virtual meeting
  6. Auto Transcribe Virtual meeting sessions
  7. Find Usage Report to Track Attendance

For detailed instructions, refer to Cisco Webex meeting.

What are the minimum system requirements?

Refer to Webex Meeting system requirements prior to joining web conference. You will also need a microphone and a speaker to host or attend a Webex Meeting.  If you are using a laptop you may already have a built-in microphone, speaker and a webcam.