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What is Canvas Studio?

Canvas Studio is an advanced video education platform that allows instructors to create interactive video, upload existing videos and embed video to a Canvas course.  Students can submit audio and video files from Canvas Studio to assignments and discussions.

Why use Canvas Studio in your course?

  • Video recordings can be created with screen capture and webcam.
  • Users can upload existing video files to their studio library.
  • Users can make comments at specific points in a media file’s timeline.
  • Video files can be shared with courses, specific users, or publicly.
  • Video owner can view analytics that show who is watching and listening or skipping.
  • Student submissions of Studio media files can be viewed and graded in the SpeedGrader.
  • Studio is compatible with mobile devices for both recording and viewing.
  • Studio has a Quiz tool that helps to insert questions into your video.

What can I do with Canvas Studio videos?

Where can I learn more about Canvas Studio?

If you have additional questions, email citl@bergen.edu.