The Campus Bookstore has partnered with Bergen Community College to bring Follett Access onto your campus. This program enables you to start learning on day one of class and allows you to have a more affordable option when it comes to purchasing your course materials. We look forward to being able to bring a program like this to the students, staff, and faculty here at Bergen Community College.

Follet Access

What is Access?

Follett Access, a course material solution that delivers Course Materials to students on or before the first day of class through a course fee, built into your tuition. This program ensures you receive your course materials that you need to succeed more conveniently and makes them more affordable.

How does it work?

If your course is participating in Access, you are automatically opted in but will have the opportunity to opt out if you so choose.

By participating in Access, you will receive either a digital copy or physical copy of your course materials on or before the first day of class at the lowest price available. You are charged through your tuition bill. Please read all emails from Bergen Community College as more information will be sent regarding this program before each semester start date.

How do I opt out?

Student will receive an email and must follow the steps in the email if they choose to opt out. They will be responsible for sourcing the course materials on their own.

Got Questions?

For further questions please contact the Bergen Community College Bookstore at (201) 445-7174 or email us at