Executive Team

Michael D. Redmond, Ph.D.

Victor Anaya thumbnail
Victor Anaya
Executive Director of Finance

William M Corcoran thumbnails
William M. Corcoran
Vice President of Facilities, Planning, Operations and Public Safety

Waldon Joseph Hagan thumbnail
Waldon Joseph Hagan, Ph.D.
Vice President of Student Affairs

Ursula Parrish Daniels thumbnail
Ursula Parrish Daniels, Ed.D.
Executive Assistant to the President

Yun K Kim thumbnail
Yun K. Kim, Ph.D.
Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness

James R Miller thumbnail
James R. Miller
Executive Director of Human Resources

William P Mullaney thumbnail
William P. Mullaney, Ph.D.
Vice President of Academic Affairs

Larry Hlavenka thumbnail
Larry Hlavenka
Executive Director, Public Relations, Community and Cultural Affairs
Acting Managing Director, Bergen Community College Foundation

Carol Clarke thumbnail
Carol Clarke
Administrative Assistant