Built in the last decade, the high-technology “TEC” building houses classrooms, conference rooms and offices including the School of Continuing Education, Corporate and Public Sector Training.

Moses Family Meeting and Training Center
Recognized as one of the region’s premier spaces for corporate and organizational events, including conferences and celebrations, the Moses Center also serves as the College’s go-to destination for many in-house gatherings due to its space and available technology.

Stryker Manufacturing Laboratory
This laboratory prepares students for careers in manufacturing, allowing them to utilize industry-standard machines and apparatuses.

Emil Buehler Perpetual Trust Observatory
The two-domed observatory includes numerous telescopes that help the College explore the sky – including the sun, planets and stars.  The public is invited to attend free viewings on Saturday evenings.

Division of Continuing Education, Corporate and Public Sector Training
Offers classes for adults seeking to retrain themselves or explore lifelong interests.  Also offers customized training programs for business and industry.